(*this page reflects the project description on the SocialWorlds group website.)

Steven Cotterill, Mark Ackerman, Kevin Nam

Keywords: community brainstorming, information distillation, information reuse, collective intelligence

IDiag consists of a community brainstorming tool and a distillation workspace (along with a large number of additional components).

The first part, IDiag/CyberForum was been constructed using the Everything2 engine (see Ackerman et al., 2003).  It includes general forum capabilities as well as specialized governance mechanisms to facilitate the social maintenance of brainstorming sessions.  With this tool, we have been experimenting with Governance Objects, an object-oriented facility for allowing the easy setup and modification of social governance in online communities.

The second part of the system has been called iDiag/ Consolidate and Arkose (in respective generations of the tools).   See the Arkose project description for more information about Arkose.