TopicGraph Editor

Graphical Topic Map Authoring Tool

Kevin Nam, Rob Farrell (@ IBM Watson Research)

Keywords: topic maps, authoring, ontology, RDF/OWL, graphical editor framework, rich client platform

Topic maps provide a way to describe the content in file systems or databases, plus relationships that can cross the traditional boundaries between hierarchical organizations of topics.  Topic maps encoded in RDF (Resource view1Description Framework) can provide possible paths suitable for searching, browsing, and assembling content.  Dynamic Learning Experience (DLE) is a web-based learning tool that uses topic maps to assemble learning content into individualized courses.  End user authors need a simple and usable tool for creating and editing topic graphs for DLE.

TopicGraph Editor is built in Eclipse using GEF (Graphical Editor Framework) and Rich Client Platform.  It allows a user to interactively assemble topics with relationships, and describes the graph in an RDF format.  Its notable features include flexible addition and deletion of topics and relationships, visual interaction with a map, and easy integration with a reasoning engine.