Distrib. gaming

Examining Technology in Social Game Playing over Distance

Archer Batcheller, Brian Hilligoss, Kevin Nam, Emilee Rader, Marth Rey-Babarro, Xiaomu Zhou| publication: CHI’07

Keywords: social gaming over network, user experiments, new technology, large display

Video connections can establish a media space in which games may be played, just as people play games while collocated. Experiments with participants playing the game ‘Mafia’ indicate that people in a video condition have similar levels of satisfaction, fun, and frustration, to those that play while collocated. This finding holds for both those with prior experience using video systems and those without, suggesting it is not merely a “novelty effect.” Results differ about whether there exist differences in focus of attention, suspicion/trust, and pointing for people playing the game while using a video system. Implications for both fun and work uses of video are suggested.